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s-zenmode's News

Posted by s-zenmode - September 10th, 2023

to newgrounds,

thank you for everything that you all offered. genuinely, i love the community here and know for a fact that all of you will go on to do just as much great and cool things as you all have been doing. it's great knowing all of you for real. my time here was extremely pleasurable and im glad i did what i did in these 2-ish years. i found my comfort place that i kept for a piece of my life.

but honestly I think its my time to go. ive clearly been so inactive on this site doing nothing - i only posted 1 art this year (rofl). about my kewl topdown game EDGED, honestly man, it's probably not coming out. no promises. it MIGHT come out. no promises. but hey, its been a fun time here

so for the future; yes I will be coming on this site often but, basically I am leaving my mark. this is it for 's-zenmode'. for now at least. i'm going to go on to become someone who little me would be so proud of (Hopefully.)

i might return to newgrounds, i might return as zenmode, but nothing IS set in stone.

on another note, i did a lot on my bucket list! :P

  • Make a game that wins a daily/weekly award (done)
  • Make a game (Or ZTTDS) get a frontpage (proud of the FPs)
  • Become UoTD (happily)
  • 250 fans? (demolished)
  • Get that TomFulp follow??? (cant express how I feel)
  • Make a decent Pico Day 2022 submission (It sucked but it worked)

have a blessed day bros. goodbye




Posted by s-zenmode - July 18th, 2023

Watery Graves


Posted by s-zenmode - July 6th, 2023


TO GET: SCROLL DOWN ON https://extensions.turbowarp.org/ AND CLICK ADD TO PROJECT


MADE BY @ObviousAlex , this extension is so crazy. This extension has tons of features, some of which I never thought would be possible in Scratch. Not only that, but you don't have to use eval commands either!!!! iu_1016119_8995464.pngiu_1016120_8995464.png

There is so many things.... level up yo games yall!!!

Also there's gamepad stuff too.. iu_1016121_8995464.png this is so crazy



Posted by s-zenmode - May 12th, 2023

As I expected. My account is dead. Drier than the saharan desert. With no legacy to leave.

God damn, when will I actually work on this forsaken game?

Please be patient


Ya know how it is

I can't do anything no mo



i'm gonna try tho

the latest it'll be out is by like october or somethin man

the game is literally 70% done just need to add stuff to the combat system and overall game itself. then i'm done and ready to put it aside


Posted by s-zenmode - March 23rd, 2023

Is that time of year

Around this time last yr,dux td was in development



i'm getting motivated to work on edged again

I finally have more time to myself

Which is something that I can use

Not to mention I really hope to get 1st/2nd/3rd of the month

I kind of want the prize money to upgrade my goofy ahh pc

I also want to prove myself to myself and the world that I can make a good game if I tried

So maybe just maybe watch out for it

Maybe the red kid will wash up sooner or later


Posted by s-zenmode - January 19th, 2023

Unfortunately due to extremely poor morale and shit edged is nowhere near finished

With Pixel Day in like 4 days i cant get it done

To be honest everythings been on a steady decline

It's really just all creative block

I wanted to make Edged to prove what I can do to myself & the world

clearly rushing it will defeat the entire purpose of it

And god knows when I will even be able to focus on this kind of thing, having fun

I don't know, so either summer or halloween

No promises though

Very sorry that I couldn't do it

I hope you all understand


Posted by s-zenmode - December 4th, 2022

shit is so hard. i cant make games anymore. i drop them halfway. gamedev is not as fun as it once used to be. im just tired of just doing everything behind the scenes and failing. im struggling to work on edged and i even made an engine for a side project that i lost due to power loss. so yeah. im gonna try and make edged with all of those bells and whistles and then go work on life for once.


Posted by s-zenmode - December 4th, 2022

i solemly swear

that from this moment forward

i will never lose again

until the day comes

when i defeat him and take his title

i will never, never be defeated

is that okay, king of the pirates(!!)?


Posted by s-zenmode - November 24th, 2022

im too tired to explain why


Posted by s-zenmode - November 19th, 2022

thanks for 600

this website's slowly falling out for me

like it doesnt feel the same

i achieved what i wanted

most people i was cool with left the site

but i'll stay here... for as long as I can

hopefully i can bring you guys edged

maybe another game after that? who knows

yall are cool btw love this place top 10 websites