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guess this is it.

Posted by s-zenmode - September 10th, 2023

to newgrounds,

thank you for everything that you all offered. genuinely, i love the community here and know for a fact that all of you will go on to do just as much great and cool things as you all have been doing. it's great knowing all of you for real. my time here was extremely pleasurable and im glad i did what i did in these 2-ish years. i found my comfort place that i kept for a piece of my life.

but honestly I think its my time to go. ive clearly been so inactive on this site doing nothing - i only posted 1 art this year (rofl). about my kewl topdown game EDGED, honestly man, it's probably not coming out. no promises. it MIGHT come out. no promises. but hey, its been a fun time here

so for the future; yes I will be coming on this site often but, basically I am leaving my mark. this is it for 's-zenmode'. for now at least. i'm going to go on to become someone who little me would be so proud of (Hopefully.)

i might return to newgrounds, i might return as zenmode, but nothing IS set in stone.

on another note, i did a lot on my bucket list! :P

  • Make a game that wins a daily/weekly award (done)
  • Make a game (Or ZTTDS) get a frontpage (proud of the FPs)
  • Become UoTD (happily)
  • 250 fans? (demolished)
  • Get that TomFulp follow??? (cant express how I feel)
  • Make a decent Pico Day 2022 submission (It sucked but it worked)

have a blessed day bros. goodbye





You were one of my biggest inspirations on Newgrounds when i first arrived here. Without you, i dont think i would have become the artist i am today
Godspeed man, you made my world.
I wish you luck in all your future endeavors (you better finish One Piece!!!)

See you next time.

It's okay, I'm very glad that you made it so far and you've really worked hard well enough plus, I'm really proud of you :]

I never knew someone that passionate than you, it was an honor to be part of your Collab and I hope to see you again in the future.

Ok so don't create- don't mean u cant be enjoying content, doofus.

I agree with @cacodayum. I personally don't create or contribute to newgrounds as much as I should, but that doesn't mean I don't still love the shit out of it. If you aren't feeling fulfilled in your endeavors, then take a break. Breaks do everyone a world of a difference.

@Crawdad Right like i just don't understand folks having this thing about leaving NG the moment they stop creating. Nobody ever said you couldn't just be here chilling & enjoying others' content. That's probably one of the best ways to get inspired anyway.

But maybe I'm misunderstanding & he simply means he is not going to be making content vs headin' out from here

Cya the next time, was an honor to cooperate by ur side on that one collab!

I hope the future brings you best of luck, you were a very importand Newgrounds user and you must not forget all the great things you did to this community.
Please, enjoy life without feeling guilty of don't being active as you used to. Goodbye Zenmode ;)