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s-zenmode's News

Posted by s-zenmode - January 23rd, 2022

Okay. If you're seeing this AND you're an artist - check out a collab!

It's here. 6 months in the making - you have plenty of time to join up!

Simply PM me if you wanna join and I'll 99.999999% respond with a welcome.

The rules are stated right there so yeah.

When you're done, just upload it to the Art Portal and PM me!


Posted by s-zenmode - January 23rd, 2022

Posted by s-zenmode - January 22nd, 2022

I'm currently working on my own 2021 art gallery that showcases all of my art made in the year 2021. It's gonna use the current AH Collab engine as a base, that way I can get feedback from the users and then implement that into the AH Collab.

It's coming out soon, hope you all enjoy it.

Posted by s-zenmode - January 22nd, 2022

I've caught 167/211 of all the Hoenn dex in ORAS. That accounts for over 3/4, and I have all the starters and legendaries/mythics. Pretty cool!

I'm making a list of Hoenn pokemon to catch in which I will track individually and evolve to finish my hoenn dex.

The full pokedex will take years of dedication so I dunno.

Posted by s-zenmode - January 17th, 2022

ok im gonna go on a bit of a tangent so if ur soft then dont read

also read my AH COLLAB blog post = https://s-zenmode.newgrounds.com/news/post/1241553






im pretty ... frustrated. no matter how hard i work, no matter how long it takes, i just dont get to see it. my account wont get a frontpage ever. if you take any one of my newer drawings i think somebody out there would think its good to frontpage like i dont like to compare myself either but ive seen the art and the stuff that comes on frontpage and people getting frontpages while im here still just waiting for my first one

and i know if anything this will only delay or lower my chances of getting a frontpage in the future or hell even a daily award or anything but in a post-fnf era of newgrounds where everyone and their grandma uploads stuff here i think that a lot of unnoticed people get drowned out i dont want to call myself unnoticed necessarily but ive seen awesome art by people like wexeil who DESERVE a frontpage more than i do but still its just frustrating

this also goes for one of my games, Zen Tank TDS. at first it was pretty torrid and bad but over the months it got a few updates but sadly the score barely raised. at this point im contemplating either cancelling zttds due to lack of work on it or i'm gonna fry my body making Zen Tank TD DX or ZTTD 2 or something like thatwith overhauled graphics, more map(s), revamped basically everything with stunning visuals bound to pop.

the only way zttds will get a frontpage or an award is if i make a sequel that way it gets shoved back to the portal where old votes dont influence the score and user drive of it. im also gonna have to find a perfect time where users on newgrounds are at a pretty nice high but low where genuine voters and not statw____s are online and viewing submissions.

thats the only way my ZTTD will get an award at this point. as for my art i dont know what to do with it either. even after weeks of it being up people dont even vote and it still says waiting for 1 vote. at this point i think it would be fair for me to call myself unnoticed and drowned out by the system.

tl;dr i cry because i want frontpage (but i have reasons)

anyways im just gonna leave it with this. check out my new (spam) movie: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/829775

also i swear to god if that gets a frontpage


Posted by s-zenmode - January 12th, 2022

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Alien Hominid's first debut here on Newgrounds, I'm hosting an art collab!

Here is info on joining:

-I will be PMing people soon to ask them if they'd like to participate.

-Feel free to PM me if you wanna join and I'll see if you can join!


-Your submission must relate to the Alien Hominid game.

-Your submission must not contain or relate to NSFW at all.

-You can't submit traces. Sorry I know there's a lot of cool images but tracing simply isn't allowed. If you wanna redo original source material, try to add more things(and reference original source material).

I'm publishing it as a gallery kind of like the halloween art collab. I'll be the one programming also :)

Deadline is July 16, you have a lot of time in my opinion.

If you have any questions, PM me :)

UPDATE 01-12: THE BASE ENGINE IS COMPLETE! I just need to add the funny lil side feature and it should be good.

UPDATE 01-13: The engine is fully complete, and using a simple joinscript, I can generate URLs from the image name itself! :)


I'll all some improvements to make it look better. Also the background moves :)



Posted by s-zenmode - January 11th, 2022


Posted by s-zenmode - January 8th, 2022

HOLY DAMN tom fulp and dan paladin were just on another level yeesh

totally not working on enemy code for evomania............................ whoops

Posted by s-zenmode - January 4th, 2022

so i saw @mindchamber 's little man alloy had a gba game. was stunned so i looked around for it. nothin. went to an obscure site and slammed the link they gave to mindchamber.com into wayback machine. found a page but the download page sadly only had 1 backup copy which was a 404 error

if anyone has it, please document it to preserve the history of... well.. newgrounds or something


Posted by s-zenmode - January 3rd, 2022

happy new year everyone. 2021 was good but 2022 will be better

so here are some things i want to nail down this year:

500 fans

1 frontpage or 1 daily/weekly trophy

1 submission with a 4+ rating

thats literally it lol

hope you all can help me achieve those :)