s-zenmode's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 419 (From 112 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 6,355 Points

The Life and Death of Boe

Medals Earned: 10/10 (150/150 points)

Wake up 5 Points

Grab a brush and put a little make-up

Morning routine 10 Points

Complete your morning

Transit 10 Points

Find a way downtown

Errands 10 Points

Complete your list of errands

Lovely afternoon 10 Points

Enjoy the park!

Quick lunch 10 Points

Your tummy has a bit of the rumblies

Recreation 25 Points

How should you spend your free time?

Quiet night 10 Points

Time to unwind

Days end 10 Points

Better get ready for bed!

Finale 50 Points

The day's over

Tom Fulp Clicker

Medals Earned: 5/8 (35/120 points)

>:( 5 Points

click the face at least once

TOM GET!!!!1!!1! 5 Points

Buy your first of many tom fulps


You made him mad


Get the Fulp Factory

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Rich As heck my dude 10 Points

get 3 golden fulps

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Toss the Turtle

Medals Earned: 6/20 (40/500 points)

Acupuncture 5 Points

Get skewered on spikes

Gold Star 5 Points

Launch the Turtle

Jump Man 5 Points

Smash a goomba

Novice 5 Points

Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)

Drunk Driver 10 Points

Blow up a jeep

Strong Armed 10 Points

Get punched by a banana

Question Mark 5 Points

Find the hidden button

Amateur 10 Points

Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)

Harrasment 10 Points

Crush an angry ground creature

in Space 10 Points

Reach space

Abducted 25 Points

Get caught by a UFO

Icarus 25 Points

Get burned by a sun

Persistent 25 Points

Play over an hour

Professional 25 Points

Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)

Radioactive 25 Points

Use a nuke

Addicted 50 Points

Play over 2 hours

Golden Shell 50 Points

Buy everything

Master 50 Points

Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)

Traveler 50 Points

Total over 1 million feet

WorldsEdge 100 Points

Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

Unprofessional Mischief

Medals Earned: 2/3 (10/110 points)

I'm going to do something unprofessional! 5 Points

Play the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Ramen Time Everyone!! 100 Points

Beat the game

ur a pixel

Medals Earned: 3/6 (25/200 points)

Go 5 Points

Start the game

Power up 10 Points

Get the first power-up

Oh... 10 Points

Get the second power-up

Heh, heh, heh... 25 Points

Get the third power-up

Woo! 50 Points


Run 100 Points

Speedrun in under 300 seconds

Vacuum Ball

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/240 points)

001 5 Points

Complete level 1

010 10 Points

Complete level 10

020 25 Points

Complete level 020

030 50 Points

Complete level 30

040 50 Points

Complete level 40

050 100 Points

Complete level 050

Vizzy & The Lost Cat

Medals Earned: 4/11 (85/500 points)

Adventure Awaits! 5 Points

Play the game

Crowns, Emeralds, and Coins!! 5 Points

Get more than $100

Now That's a Lot of Money!! 25 Points

Get more than $1,000

Money Obsessed 50 Points

Get more than $2,500

MarvelousToastBrand!? 5 Points

Click/Tap on Marv in the Credits screen

Fat ass Blunt 10 Points

Meet with Elly who is smoking a fat blunt (Dayum!!!!!)


Finish the game and save Tim Fulp!

Hot Dayum!! 50 Points

Get more than $5,000

**Cha-Ching Sound effect** 100 Points

Get more than $10,000

Yarn Ball Lover 50 Points

Get all of the 8 yarn balls

Gonna drive along 'til I get you!! 100 Points

Beat the Game under 6:00 minutes

Volcano Maintenance

Medals Earned: 3/10 (20/430 points)

F 5 Points

Get rank F

E 5 Points

Get rank E

D 10 Points

Get rank D

C 10 Points

Get rank C

B 25 Points

Get rank B

A 50 Points

Get rank A

SSS + 100 Points

Get rank S

Fruit Master 25 Points

Catch a fruit before it hits the ground


Unlock all upgrades in a single game

Da Best 100 Points

Reach first place in the daily scoreboard

Wordly Defence

Medals Earned: 2/6 (105/340 points)

Victory 100 Points

Win your first game.

Go Digging 5 Points

Play Wordle Defense

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Game Over 25 Points

Lose your first game.

Big Headed 100 Points

Get the answer right before the third turn.


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xuz flash game 1.0

Medals Earned: 25/25 (355/355 points)

Cinematic Intro 5 Points

you watched the whole cinematic intro.

OH NOES 5 Points

you started the game (past the preloader)

Band-Aid 5 Points

hit him with the band-aid

BAIL 5 Points

bail the hell out of that place bruh

called 911 5 Points

like the good samaritan you are

walk away (death) 5 Points

leave him to rot

walk the bail 5 Points

walk after bailing out

board the bus 5 Points

ride the bus after getting outta there

how did you get here 5 Points

FBI got into the scene

lied to the cops 5 Points

you showed no association to the crime at hand

into the open 5 Points

you walked out into the open

venture further (death) 5 Points

instead of bailing out, you bailed into the alley, and you DIED

stay inside the train (death) 5 Points

after living there for a long time i thought you would know better

first stop 5 Points

get off the train at the first stop

Cash Money (ENDING) 50 Points

take the bounty

Good Man (ENDING) 50 Points

You didn't take the money. Good guy

Unscathed (ENDING) 50 Points

you got off the hook... crazy

mugged of your life (death) 10 Points

you got confronted by a bunch of thugs!

debt collection (ENDING) 50 Points

you got really damn lucky there buster

in the open til' dusk (death) 10 Points

you stayed in the open for WAYY too long

got home safe (ENDING) 10 Points

you got home safe after walking out in the open

fell into a manhole (death) 10 Points

are you stupid or stupider

hit the credits 10 Points

you finished the game and got to the credits!

slap the credits 25 Points

you got through all the credits. you're a nice person, you know?

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!